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Your name says a lot about you


When acne treatment brand Clinically Clear launched their own product line, they wanted to create names that were proprietary, easy to remember, and reflective of their delightful, authentic personality.


We decided to keep the names concise and consistent but also descriptive so clients could easily identify them among other brands and bottles in their bathroom cabinets. We opted for 2-3 words and alliterative phrasing for each name (when possible, though trademarking held us up for a few of them). Shane Kingery designed the packaging, and Sarah Neuburger created the fun illustrations.


Below are photos of each product with the old and new product names + the descriptors we added.

Old Name: Radiance Boost

New Name: Refine + Equalize Toner

New Descriptor: The daily-use, balancing revitalizer


Old Name: Pore-Clearing Cleanser

New Name: Oil Control Gel Cleanser

New Descriptor: The oil-diminishing daily wash


Old Name: Rescue Gel

New Name: S.O.S. Serum

New Descriptor: The imperfection eliminator (aka: your new best friend)



Old Name: Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion 

New Name: Mild Pre-Cleanser

New Descriptor: The face-freshening, fragrance-free, first-step cleanser


Old Name: Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel 

New Name: Gentle Gel Cleanser

New Descriptor: The super-light, fragrance-free, sensitive skin wash


Old Name: Instant Calm Complex

New Name: Soothing Serum

New Descriptor: The redness-reducing solution


Old Name: B3 Enzyme exfoliating crème

New Name: Exfoliating Corrective Crème

New Descriptor: The no-scrub, natural-enzyme mask


Old Name: Zinc/Sulfur mask

New Name: Repair + Rebalance Mask 

New Descriptor: The congestion-busting, oil dissolving acne remedy


Old Name: Oil-Free Hydrating Fluid

New Name: Lightweight Finishing Moisturizer

New Descriptor: The oil-free skin conditioner


Old Name: AHA/BHA Cleansing Mousse

New Name: Pore Purifying Foam

New Descriptor: The deep-cleansing, oil-fighting powerhouse


Old Name: Clear Skin Ultra Gel

New Name: Daily Defense Serum

New Descriptor: The skin-clearing + smoothing solution


Client: Clinically Clear

Design Director: Kingery Design Co.

Illustrations: Sarah Neuburger

Photography: Caroline Fontenot

Styling: Candice Lorraine


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© 2019 by Stephanie Gilman | Photos by Andrew Thomas Lee | Copy, of course, by Steph Gilman