How to talk about the "a" word

Acne isn't a pleasant topic, especially for teenagers. Clinically Clear, a new acne treatment brand in Atlanta, wanted to make acne a less scary (and stigmatized) topic, and to present it as a very manageable and treatable issue.

As we researched competitors, we noticed many companies in the skincare and acne treatment space had a clinical, scientific voice. While we wanted to portray Clinically Clear as the expert, we also wanted to humanize them, similar to brands like Glossier and Curology that have excellent engagement and sound like real, approachable people.

Kingery Design Co. handled the design piece, and we tapped the brilliant Sarah Neuburger to create fun, friendly illustrations. Together we created a brand identity with a logo, website content, product naming, and packaging (details on naming and packaging here). We chose an approach that showed off their distinct personality, differentiated their services from competitors, gave them ownership in the skincare market, and appealed to clients.

Scroll down to see some of our work, or you can view Clinically Clear's live site here (note: clients may alter live web copy). You can also click the images with small print to see a larger PDF version.


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Client: Clinically Clear

Web Design: Kingery Design Co.

Illustrations: Sarah Neuburger

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