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​Bath, body, and beauty brand Cait + Co has quickly grown from a small soap company in the owner's basement to a robust business with multiple subsidiary brands. They're the real deal.

Several months ago, they asked graphic designer Shane Kingery and me to redevelop their brand identity and rewrite their web copy. We created a consistent and balanced website that clearly communicated the brand's voice, tone, personality, and objectives. Shane worked on their visuals, including logo, graphics, and color scheme, and designed the wholesale product catalog. I created messaging for the catalog, website, and product descriptions. I also developed taglines for the umbrella brand, Cait + Co, and their newly-launched candle brand, Urban Wick.

Since the beginning, one of Cait + Co's central goals has been to give back in a meaningful way and to affect change for systemic global issues, like poverty and gender inequality, particularly in developing countries. A portion of their earnings go to the Lovin' Soap Project, a nonprofit that helps women and girls in developing countries gain lifelong job skills through the micro-business of artisan soap making. As I created the messaging for Cait + Co, I ensured the main theme, from their tagline to their website, communicated their desire to extend hope and goodness.

Scroll down to see some of the content we developed, or see the live site here (please note: clients may alter live web copy).

Cait + Co logo with tagline:

Rationale for tagline:

  • The word “radiate” evokes thoughts of light, of spreading and illuminating the truth. This brand is about encouraging people experience life to the fullest, with the most well-made and holistic bath, beauty, and home products available.

  • Humans were created to live vibrant lives and to radiate beauty. That's our true purpose. Cait + Co seeks to promote that belief with their products and their mission. All their products are made by hand carefully and intentionally, to radiate quality and honest craftsmanship.

Urban Wick tagline:

Rationale for tagline:

  • “Discover” alludes to the outdoors, wilderness, the natural world; this appeals to a wider audience (such as the target market), including men or individuals interested in simple lifestyles.

  • “Cozy” elicits emotion—most people want to experience this feeling, wherever and whoever they are. Candles create cozy out of not cozy.

Website copy


About Page:

Headline: You are made to radiate

Welcome to Cait + Co, friends! Please, have a seat and stay awhile. Peruse our bath, body, and home goodies, and find something you love. That’s why we’re here—to create products that bring joy; to help you embrace the day, experience simplicity, soak up stillness, and radiate beauty. You are made for these things.

Headline: There’s a brand for everyone

For soaps, body creams, and bath products, visit the Revive Bath and Body page. Luxe Apothecary offers soothing essential oils, in addition to luxurious face masks and scrubs. Find a cozy scent for your home with Urban Wick candles. Or, make your bath a little more exciting with Aquamarine bath bombs.

Headline: We keep it clean

We love sharing all of our products because they are made with care, by hand, and in small batches, using only natural, quality ingredients with no fillers, petroleum, paraffin, and harmful mineral oils.

Headline: We believe in savoring every ounce of life

So, take a little extra time in the tub. Cozy up on the couch. Smell the roses. Whichever simple joy you’re in the mood for, we can probably help.

Give Back Page:

Intros for each brand page:

Luxe Apothecary

Subhead (unchanged tagline): More than gold

Bringing out the best in you means giving the very best to your body. Our Luxe line is designed to bring health and rejuvenation to your entire wellbeing, from head to toe, inside and out. Cold-pressed essential oil roll ons help support the body’s immune response, while our gentle scrubs, cleansing oils, mists, and face masks deeply clean and nourish the skin. All of our products offer botanically-inspired aromatherapy for the most holistic self-care—so that you can be your very best.

Revive Bath & Body

Subhead (unchanged tagline): Renew, restore, revive

Revive your day from start to finish. Our soaps are designed to make your shower more healthful, enjoyable, and invigorating. Made by hand and in small batches from plant-based ingredients, Revive products are natural and safe for your body and home. From lather to scrub, each product moisturizes and refreshes the skin without artificial chemicals so that you glow with natural radiance.

Urban Wick

Subhead (new tagline): Discover cozy

Experience a cozy, clean glow in your home. Urban Wick candles offer a clean burn with all-natural coconut and apricot wax. Each of our signature concrete vessels has a metallic or matte finish and is reusable after 30 hours of burn time. Rest easy as you breathe in each radiant, chemical-free scent.


Subhead: Make a splash

Liven up your bath with a little fizz. Aquamarine bath bombs are made with coconut oil for skin conditioning, while unique fragrance blends and fun colors add some zest to your bathing routine. Enjoy happy aromas, soak up some "you-time”, and watch your bath water turn into a painting of gorgeous colors with each of these bubbly, refreshing gems.

Product description examples:

Urban Wick

Bergamot + Basil Candle / Spring Collection

If the color green had a smell, it would be our Bergamot + Basil candle. When lit, this candle leaves an aromatic trail of tart citrus, budding leaves, and fresh herbs, turning your home into a paradise of greenery.

Lily + Grapefruit Candle / Spring Collection

The smell of mom’s garden, a fresh bouquet, and a sudden spring rain—that’s what we think of when we breathe in the rich aroma of our Lily + Grapefruit candle. This candle brings the charm of spring indoors and tidies up the room with freshness.

Luxe Apothecary

Good Night Essential Oil Roll On

Add the Good Night roll on to your bedtime routine to calm your mind and prepare your body for sleep. We recommend a cup of chamomile tea and a good book as well.

An essential oil blend of German chamomile, Roman chamomile, and lavender in sweet almond oil. All of our oils are therapeutic grade, and are cold-pressed or steam distilled and ready to use.

Cleansing Oil

Some oil is good for your skin—the kind of oils that are natural, don’t clog pores, and help remove impurities. Cleansing oil is a wonderful alternative to harsh cleansers, which may contain alcohol and other ingredients that strip the natural oils from your face. Cleansing oil keeps the skin’s healthy oils and pH levels in balance. It also works great for cleansing away makeup and mascara.



Turn your bath a bold shade of jade. This bath bomb is a luscious blend of lemon verbena that delights the room with its fresh and crisp fragrance and gives your bath water a gorgeous green hue. You’ll feel as sparkly as your bath with this gem.


Our Turquoise bath bomb is a heady blend of bergamot and grapefruit that smells lusciously crisp. The tart citrus scents will envelope your senses and keep you smelling great and smiling all day long.

Revive Bath & Body

Cold Process Soap Bar

Our cold process soap is where Revive Bath + Body first began. This gentle, all-natural soap is made from vegetable-based oils and does not contain any harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or synthetics that are often found in commercial soap. It’s mild enough for all skin types and helps bring out the skin’s natural glow. Choose from eight lovely, essential oil-based scents.

Ramie Shower Poof

It's time to throw out your plastic shower poof and go all-natural, with our ramie-fiber shower poof. Ramie is a plant that grows in Asia and is harvested for its soft, natural fibers (like cotton). Though it looks much like a synthetic shower poof, the ramie poof is completely natural and easy on the skin.

Client: Cait + Co

Design: Kingery Design Co

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