A year in the life of a CID

Earlier this year, I worked with a local agency to develop the copy for a 2016 annual report for the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID). The 30-year-old CID is established in the north part of Metro Atlanta, and is recognized for creating more vibrant, 'live, work, play' communities with ample green space, walkable areas, and better infrastructure. This past year they wanted something fresh for their annual report, with creative headlines and less dense, more informal copy throughout.

I worked with them to make a readable, scannable document, with headlines like:

  • The Value is Visible

  • Small Footprint, Substantial Influence

  • Creating Space for Community

  • Building a Vibrant District

  • Investing in a Safe, Strong, Synergetic System

  • Establishing Solid, Economic Foundations

They also wanted a compelling, personable introduction. Click on the image below to scroll through the report.

Client: Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID)

Agency: Phase 3 Marketing and Communications

Creative Direction: Michelle Coley and Emma Major

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