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Fashion copywriting writes its own rules. That's why I love it. There's a childlike creativity allowed that wouldn't necessarily work in every industry.

It's different than writing for B2B clients or very niche industries where I spend a significant amount of time doing research to compensate for the steep learning curve. Fashion writing requires more play and more creativity, to better connect with the consumer. With so many brands competing for attention, playful often works better because technical and wordy doesn't resonate.

At Alternative Apparel, I am representative of their target demographic, which makes it even more fun. Instead of asking "what do their consumers want, and why?", I get to ask "what do I want, and why do I want it?" and then work from that frame of reference.

Here are a few samples of my Alternative Apparel projects. Click on the image to go to the full PDF version.

4th of July promo emails:

Alternative emails are meant to be fun and cheeky, connecting with all kinds of audiences, particularly Millennials.

Father's Day promo emails:

Even Alternative's B2B side has a lighthearted touch. Their imprintables apparel is distributed to third-party brands that use Alternative products for uniforms, screen printing, promotional tees, etc.

For their 2016 Fall Style Guide, we decided to hone in a bit, focusing on core, best-loved and new products. This made for a more condensed, easy-to-peruse book that was less overwhelming than style guides from past seasons.

Wholesale homepage copy - focused on Alternative's Basics collection:

"Look great while you roam" - 'Get outdoors' themed emails:

"Take it outside, guys. We've got the gear."

"Make an impact when you shop" - 3rd Party Retail email:

"Bottoms Up!" email:

Client: Alternative Apparel

Creative Direction: Heather Devine

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